Jump Rope

Jumping rope elevates your heart rate and focuses your mind by rebalancing neurotransmitters. Learning to perform tricks such as the double-under stimulates new brain cells, encouraging them to form connections. You can buy one for around $10 and keep it in your briefcase or desk drawer.

We recommend the MDUSA Muscle Driver Cable Speed Rope a simple, sturdy, resizable rope that’s fast and light.

Eat a Healthy Snack

We sometimes become so engrossed in our screens that we forget to feed ourselves. We let our hunger grow unchecked until we’re so ravenous that we make poor food choices and overeat. When it’s time to take a break from the screen, notice if you are hungry and, if you are, eat a healthy snack such as fresh fruit or nuts. While you’re at it, why not drink a glass of water as well?

Our favorite snacks include coconut juice, almonds, and dried fruit.

Go to the Bathroom

No, seriously–if you’ve been sitting in front of a screen for a while and you have to go to the bathroom, do not bring a screen with you into the bathroom. Take the opportunity to rest your eyes. Besides, handling your smartphone while on the toilet is pathological behavior and a surefire way to spread germs.

A survey commissioned by Google in 2011 revealed that 39% of smartphone owners admit to using their devices in the bathroom.

Walk 1,000 Steps

Walking 1,000 steps is an excellent way to spend ten minutes away from the screen. In addition to the obvious health benefits of walking, counting your steps is a great concentration practice, offering a much-needed change of mental pace from screen stimulation.

If you find this break suggestion appealing, take a look at Fitbit. This tiny gadget uses a 3D motion sensor to track your daily calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and sleep quality.

Sip a Mug of Hot Water

It’s actually quite challenging to drink a cup of hot water in under five minutes, so preparing and drinking a mug of hot water is an effective way to take a relaxing screen break and to stay hydrated. We recommend water over coffee or tea to avoid drinking too much caffeine, but if you find drinking hot water too strange, add some lemon or try herbal tea.

We encourage you to make a ritual out of this break idea; use a favorite mug, boil the water in a kettle, listen to the sound of the water pouring into the mug, close your eyes and inhale the steam.

Break Ideas