Once you have the basics of a given technological leap in place, it’s always important to step back and focus on the people for a while.
Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget

Our Favorite Tools by Others

Flux – Sleep-friendly lighting for your computer

Flux adapts the color of your screen to the time of day, making it warm at night and more like sunlight during the day. A warmer screen at night is thought to and improve sleep.

Download Flux and fall asleep faster.

Readability – Read the web without distraction

Readability offers a free browser addon that de-clutters web pages for distraction-free reading. Minimizing distractions while reading decreases cognitive load, improving your ability to learn and understand.

Install Readability and read deeply online.

OmmWriter – An enveloping, multisensory writing environment

OmmWriter uses ambient soundscapes, keyboard effects, and undulating colors to create an enveloping writing environment that places the writer in a state of deep and relaxed concentration.

Try OmmWriter and write meditatively.

HappyRambles – Daily reminders of what makes you happiest

HappyRambles sends you a daily email asking "What are you grateful for today?" and reminds you of one of your previous responses. Keeps your overflowing inbox in perspective.

Sign up for HappyRambles and get more important emails.