Once you have the basics of a given technological leap in place, it’s always important to step back and focus on the people for a while.
Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget

Use one screen at a time.

Every time you use a gadget, you have an opportunity to engage your full attention and develop good concentration. Like a muscle, your ability to concentrate is strengthened through regular practice and, likewise, can grow weak from disuse. Exercise your concentration by using only one screen at a time. If you’re watching TV, close your laptop. If you’re working on the computer, put away your smartphone. Be fully present with the task at hand, and then move on.

(Using one screen is a rule of thumb meant to help you focus on one activity at a time. Sometimes a single activity involves more than one screen, and that’s fine.)

  • Give each task your full attention and move on once the task is finished.
  • If a gadget doesn’t deserve your full attention, turn it off.
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I will use one screen at at time for the next seven days.

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