Once you have the basics of a given technological leap in place, it’s always important to step back and focus on the people for a while.
Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget

Have a gadget hero.

It may seem strange to seek the guidance of role models when using technology, especially if they lived before our gadgets were invented. However, is it really so strange to imagine what Gandhi would have tweeted? Or what he wouldn’t have?

How you behave when using technology is not a separate sphere from the rest of your life. It is wise to follow the good examples of people you respect and admire, even when using gadgets.

  • Choose a person you respect and admire–they can be from your life, history, or even a favorite book.
  • When using everyday technology, consider how your “gadget hero” would act.
people have committed to this Gadget Rule

I will consider how somebody I respect and admire would use the technology I use for the next seven days.

Let me know when new Gadget Rules are published.


Good luck! Ask friends to participate and support you: