Once you have the basics of a given technological leap in place, it’s always important to step back and focus on the people for a while.
Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget

Bring gadget experiences to a close.

Today’s laptops, smartphones and tablets rarely need to be powered down thanks to efficient standby modes. Leaving gadgets on standby makes it convenient to resume using them, but they still sip power. This habit also allows tasks, stress, and mental clutter to carry over from each day to the next because we unknowingly neglect an opportunity to feel closure.

Rather than leaving gadgets on standby, take a minute or two to bring your gadget experience to a close at the end of the day. Save your work, quit your applications, and reflect on how you used your gadget that day. Give thanks for the wonder and convenience your gadget brings to your life, but acknowledge that it serves you, and must respect your boundaries.

  • Power down gadgets when you are finished using them for the day. Yes, even your smartphone.
  • Take a moment to reflect on how you used your gadget that day. Consider what a wonderful thing your gadget is, and how you might use it better tomorrow.
people have committed to this Gadget Rule

I will bring gadget experiences to a close, and reflect on the boundaries of my gadget experiences for the next seven days.

Let me know when new Gadget Rules are published.


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